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The assignment asked us to design a brand, its package design, and print ad of chip snacks, targeted towards 18-24 year olds. It has to be healthy and natural.

Bish & Chips is a brand of chip snacks I created for an individual project in Advertising 318J.


I knew I wanted the overall brand to be:









 1)   Unique and appealing to a younger audience.

 2)   Incorporate technology & social media.

 3)   Interactive, fun, and relatable/humorous.

 4)   Easy to say & familiar logo name.

So, after a long afternoon at a coffeeshop, brainstorming away....


 Bish & Chips



After researching around, I was inspired by KakaoTalk, a messaging app from Korea where they have their own branded sticker emojis. It is extremely popular and currently opened many stores.

Incorporating sticker emojis within the product is a great tool to use to advertise the brand and it is

interactive and social!

I made a set of stickers of a shiba inu dog on the left. I wanted to incorporate this within my brand and in the packaging.

P. S.  Bish also sounds close to the "female dog" word so...

in itself it's supposed to be a pun hehe


Then, it clicked!

Each flavor of fruit/veggie chips such as strawberry, banana, etc would have a mascot or character to represent it. The dog I just doodled will represent the strawberry snacks of the brand. Therefore, every package of chips would have a set of stickers to interact with the audience!

Next: I needed a name.

After brainstorming a while with common idioms using chip, I said "fish and chips" and replaced the "f" with different letters, landing on "b". 

I fell in love! Bish would represent the characters of the snack flavors!

A healthy snack with your Bish,

Bish & Chips!

I quickly began designing around my character, Strawberry Bish. I wanted it to be attractive, bright, and modern/clean.

I personally love getting prizes in my cereal boxes and then seeing what I got when I was a kid. I wanted to re-create that feeling in a more modern way: digital sticker! I decided to make it a surprise to what the character would look like on the package in order to make the targeted consumer to feel curious.

The front displays the logo and slogan as well as the flavor. It gives intriguing info about getting a set of digital stickers inside the bag. 

The back of the bag tells the story of the product (the "chips") and the product within it (the stickers aka the "bish"). It also displays the other flavors available and nutritional information.


To keep the branding consistent, I decided to go with the same colors and feel with Strawberry Bish character and packaging to the print ad. I wanted it keep it attractive, bright, and modern.

I incorporated the different sticker I made into the poster and photoshopped some strawberries. I used cute little doodles to make it look attractive and eye-catching. 

I decided to put a different version of the slogan to emphasize its brand: it's fun, fresh, and crispy. 


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