Logo Design

I was hired by different clients to ​create logos for their business, blogs, organizations, etc. For each client, I go into detail about my process and what they wanted me to accomplish. (Freelancing is really hard btw!)



This logo was made for Jordan Hebl, a blogger and photographer from Wisconsin. She reached out to me while she was in Austin, Texas.

She wanted me to design the header for her website (blog) as well as icons which could be used on her website and her instagram. 

Style-wise, I went with the colors she desired and hand drew everything on my iPad. 


This logo was made for the Kingdom Kids Ministry, a Christian organization for kids. 

I was asked to create a logo that incorporated religious symbols, like the cross in the building shape (left side), and the bible (bottom right). I thought it was be great to make it fun and related to the word "kingdom" by adding the sun, mountains, stars and a building that kind of looks like a kingdom. 

This logo will also be used for their T-shirts, website, etc.

Poster Design

These posters were designed for events or promotional reasons.  Different clients reached out to me to design them. Fun Fact: when I first saw the printed out version of these, my heartbeat was so fast!

T-Shirt Design

These designs were commissioned by my church community. This was where my love graphic design began and where I started to make more things for other communities and organizations!



These designs were made for Austin Korean Presbyterian Church's English Ministry, Lifeway!

The designs above are the final designs. The designs below are the runner ups and just shows how the design had developed to be what it is.

AKPC needed a T-shirt design for a fundraising event to help fund a San Fransisco Mission Trip,  Summer 2017.

The designs above are what I came up with as the final designs and it help pull in a lot of money to help fund the mission trip.

ALSO, this was my first design I ever made using illustrator. It catapulted my journey to be who I am today as a graphic designer.

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