Hero Cosmetics is the maker of the Mighty Patch, which we call your blemish hero. It's a hydrocolloid patch that’s drug-free, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly. (AKA a pimple patch!)

Final Assets

Back to School Campaign


Illustrator: ME


These gifs above are all on Instagram by searching "herocosmetics" in the gif search. The illustrations are the finalized assets used for social media and merchandise.


branded illustration system


As their Design Intern, I was asked to create branded illustrations and gifs that would be used for social and web. 


  • They wanted it to be fun, cute, and relatable.

  • Targeted audience is 18-24 year olds

  • Eventually create a library of these assets 

Later on, they hired me as their official branded illustrator. My illustrations grew to become a large part of their branding and made skincare a lot more fun and cute! I still continue to make more assets, creating a library for them to access. :)


Back To School Campaign

Assets: illustrations, gifs, sticker design

Hero Cosmetics commissioned me this past 2019 Summer to create fun, relatable student life illustrations and gifs, which will also become collectable stickers for students to collect as well.

I basically illustrated myself suffering in college, trying to survive. 

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