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TSA PreCheck


Art Director: ME & Fatema Dawoodbhoy

Copywriter: ME & Fatema Dawoodbhoy

Won ADDYs Bronze in Campaigns


Airport security often leaves all of us disheveled, both mentally and physically. With TSA PreCheck you don't have to remove your shoes, liquids, and pride to get through airport security. 

TSA PreCheck. Keep it together.

Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 9.30.51 PM.png

TSA utility trays will be lined with TSA PreCheck ads, bringing attention to the general chaos of airport security and how PreCheck can relieve this. 


TSA PreCheck will host a fashion show during New York Fashion Week in February, which will utilize a moving walkway as the runway.


This show will highlight “airport fashion” in its true form: disheveled and thrown back together in the last few seconds of the airport security assembly line. Models will walk the runway with their fresh-out-of-TSA looks. The show will close with a single cool, calm, and collected TSA PreCheck traveler.

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