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Booklet Designs

As a video editor at UT Pharmacy CE, I was also asked to do graphic design work as well. It wasn't my main job but I seriously enjoyed this much more than editing videos (which I also liked a lot).

This design was used for an international conference that happened in 2018. It was put on spiral booklets with information ranging from the speakers powerpoints to the event schedules for the duration of the conference.


My boss said these words:

"Esther, please, make this pretty."

This was urgent. I started working right away. I looked up the website, got all the needed information that should be on the booklet, and started brainstorming. I knew it had to be centered around the theme about technology and pharmaceuticals. Looked at the huge (not attractive) logo for ICD2 and decided to use colors based it with the blues and grays. 

After looking at pharmacy based posters and art, I started sketching away in my sketchbook, decided on a strong design, and made what you see above and sent it to my boss. It was approved and was printed for the February 2018 Conference. 

I had a lot of fun doing this one.

This conference's theme was "Challenges of Public Health and Scientific Advances in the 21st Century – Leveraging Digital Technologies to Transform Drug Development and Regulatory Risk-Benefit Model(s)-Innovation in Manufacturing Technologies"

Wow what a mouth-full. 

ICD2 does these conferences every year and they are usually full of pharmacy people who don't really care about graphic design or making things looking nice...

 Their 55th Annual International Conference looked like this:


More Designs . . .

This was my first graphic design work for UT Pharmacy! My boss Jody asked me to redesign their booklets knowing I love graphic design work. 

These designs were used for a conference in Fall 2017. It's for Pharmacy Alumni and practicing pharmacists. It is also a psychiatric  pharmacotherapy update. As you look below, the back displays information about next years (2018) conference and the front shows the event and a re-vamp of the old logo (the brain-head) I designed.


I chose to use the color orange in the spirit of ​Halloween and the fall season. In addition, I chose to create those little design elements to resemble synapses in the brain and just science like molecules!

This was my first attempt to design something that combines both science and art in a professional setting. It was my first typography and booklet design in general.

It honestly changed a lot and looked very different at first. But I quickly shifted gears towards a more pharmacy/scientific approach. The final design was approved and was sent out to be printed!

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